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I took my driving lessons with Paul and passed my driving test two months back. As I was new to Cambridge, I took a sample lesson with Paul and one other instructor. I finally decided to take lessons with Paul as I found him to be a good teacher. It is important to note that almost all the instructors are very good drivers but not necessarily good teachers. Paul is very systematic and provides detailed feedback at the end of every lesson which greatly helps in realizing my mistakes and correcting them at an early stage. He has got a good sense of humour. I am very happy to say that he has helped me become a very confident driver on the road. Within months of passing the test, I have managed to drive on the busy roads in central London and the highways in the Scottish highlands with confidence. Thanks again.


I took driving lessons with Paul and passed the practical test the first time within four months of driving. I was very pleased with Paul's 'no nonsence' approach to teaching. It is straight forward and uncomplicated. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is considering to take their driving licence. Thank you Paul!!

Jenny Colgan

I have been driving for 38 years in America where road conditions are different from the UK. But when I moved here I needed a UK license Paul was very effective in helping me focus on the essentials and on improving my driving skills to the point where I could pass the UK driving test. I recommend him to anyone like me who needs a few lessons in UK driving

David Ron

Paul is a great teacher. I never felt flust ered when I made mistakes because he was always very calm and patient, which hugely boosted my confidence when driving. He explains everything very clearly and is happy to go into more detail or repeat things if you have more questions. I always felt like I'd achieved something useful at the end of a lesson because of his efficient recap of what we'd covered that day and particular points I had to work on to improve. I passed within 3 1/2 months of starting lessons and really enjoyed learning to drive with Paul - would definitely recommend him to other people!


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